xbox one

The Xbox One joins the original Xbox and Xbox 360 in encoutering poor sales in its debut in Japan. The new game console sold just 23,562 units in that country in its first four days.

By contrast, the Xbox 360 sold 62,135 units in just its first two days in 2005 and the original Xbox sold 123,000 units in three days in 2002. Neither console came close to matching sales of their direct competition from Sony and Nintendo in Japan so it would appear that the Xbox One has started on the wrong foot already in that game obsessed country.

Microsoft is in the middle of expanding the Xbox One's sales to 29 more countries by the end of September. That includes China on September 23, where the Xbox One will be the first Western game console sold in that part of the world in over 10 years.

Why do you think the Xbox consoles have never been popular in Japan?

Source: Famitsu, Eurogamer