We've already run through what PC sticks can do, as well as some reasons why you may want to invest in one, but now we'll look at just how accessible these compact PCs can be when coupled with Network Attached Storage. The one spot where PC sticks almost universally fall short is with storage space — the typical one only comes with a mere 32GB or 64GB of internal capacity.

Some of this needs to be reserved for Windows, while the rest is split between apps, games, media, updates and other miscellaneous files. This is where a NAS comes into play by offsetting what needs to be stored onto a different machine. Not only does this open up avenues of building affordable storage connected to the home network, which can be accessed by all devices, but it also doesn't affect the mobile experience of a PC stick.

With a NAS installed and configured for use, a PC stick can easily hook up with the unit and tap into however much storage you have available, be it 1TB or even 16TB. Media files can then be streamed from the NAS to the stick without issue. Even an affordable PC stick that sets you back less than $150 can become a media hub when partnered with a multi-drive storage box or a unit you put together yourself.

Smart TVs are great for light use and when you don't really consume that much media on a regular basis. Wanting to take the viewing experience to the next level will be easy with the combination of both a compact PC and NAS solution. See below for resources on choosing the best NAS and PC stick for your living room.