Hit the ground running with Windows Phone 8

Many of you are either considering getting a Windows Phone device this weekend or might be going out to grab one. Either way we think some of our Windows Phone 8 articles and how-to’s are going to come in handy.

There has been an onslaught of information and news so we thought we’d point you at some of the key posts we have done around the new operating system.

If you’re upgrading your Windows Phone 7 device to Windows Phone 8 we did a post to help get you through it. Along with tips on syncing, downloading your existing purchases and even how to get podcasts up and running again you’ll find tons of useful info. Make this your first port of call.

Switch it up!

Got a new Nokia Device?

If you have just picked up a new Nokia device, make sure to update all your apps and to install their updates Windows Phone 8 exclusives. Check out Nokia Transport 3 , Nokia Drive+ and make sure to check out our article on Maps in Windows Phone 8

Space! Angry!

Apps Apps Apps!

If you’re a fan of Angry Birds the series of games make sure to check out Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars that were just released. If you have a Nokia Lumia you can check out their three exclusive Xbox Live titles announced and available today. Make sure you don’t forget to download and install the new Microsoft PDF Reader for Windows Phone 8 and the updated SkyDrive app too! Other apps have been updated so make sure to check out this article rounding them up.

Aint no backup without a backup

Backing up and syncing your Windows Phone 8

We did a detailed post showing you how to back up your new device and restore it back in this excellent guide from Richard Edmonds, be sure to familiarise yourself with this important feature! We also covered the process of converting your media with the new drag and drop functionality of Windows 8, make sure you check this, especially if you want to watch movies on your phone.