Back in April, the popular puzzler Hitman GO arrived as a universal game for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone. Priced at $4.99 the Xbox enabled game was a bit pricey but the two licenses and excellent gameplay more than justified the cost for many.

This morning, the game has dropped to just 99 cents in what is certainly a temporary sale. For just $1 you can run this game on your Surface, PC, and phone.

If you have not yet tried Hitman GO, it is a variation of the popular first-person shooter. Instead of an FPS, the game combines a puzzle-type situation where you have to sneak by bodyguards and complete missions. You can win by either completing the mission, doing so in X amount of moves or grabbing the extra briefcase.

I am not going to pull any punches here: I think Hitman GO is one of the unique and fun games to have landed on Xbox for Windows and Windows Phone in a while. The graphics of the game are exceptional as it looks like a 3D rendered board game. The UI is clean and minimal and almost Windows 10.

For 99 cents, you would be silly to pass this up. Currently, the game maintains a 4.7 (out of 5) review on the Store, and it is well worth it. Remember, that 99 cents unlocks both versions of the game, you do not need to pay twice.

Thanks, Vedran K., for the tip!

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