The holidays come to Destiny 2 with The Dawning in-game event

Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris expansion may be at the top of players' minds, but Bungie is following that up with the return of its holiday event, The Dawning. The event is now live on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, bringing a bit of winter flair, items, and events to locations around the solar system.

The first change you're likely to notice is that winter has come to the Tower and Farm, including a touch of snow and special holiday decorations throughout each social space. This includes piles of snowballs, which you can pick up and chuck at friends. But snowballs can also be found in Strikes, where they can be used to stun enemies and nail them with major damage.

In the Crucible, players can take part in Mayhem, a mode that allows your abilities to recharge faster and rewards higher point values.

The Dawning

As a holiday event, gifts and items are at the forefront as well. Each week, Bungie says, you can complete a milestone in Strikes and Mayhem to earn a Dawning engram. New consumables will also reward friends you're playing with. Each Dawning-themed exotic and legendary will also make an appearance on Tess's shelves at one point throughout the event. Lastly, a Dawning Gift Schematic lets you craft gifts that you can exchange with vendors and agents around the solar system.

The Dawning is set to run through January 9, so there's plenty of time to check the event out over the holidays. And if you have yet to jump into Destiny 2, it's available now from Microsoft and Amazon, as well as Blizzard's launcher for PC.

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