Earlier today, the app Universal Emulator was released to the Windows Store. The app can play public domain ROMs, as well as those from the Nintendo NES, Gameboy, and Sega Genesis.

Putting aside the legal debate about using game ROMs I wanted to demonstrate how it all works on Microsoft's HoloLens.

Similar to Windows for PC and Mobile you need to load some ROMs into the Universal Emulator. The games are controlled with the new Xbox One S controller with Bluetooth, which can pair to the HoloLens hardware. From there it is just your normal loading and playing some games from nearly thirty years ago on cutting edge hardware.

I should note that video on HoloLens is downgraded in resolution and framerate so what you see here is not as good as in real life. Consider this an approximation, but it is a much more fluid experience when you are not recording.

Either way, it is quite amazing to see such old technology meet with the latest. The power of the Universal Windows Platform is impressive, and Universal Emulator is no exception.

Update: Universal Emulator is unpublished from the Store, but only temporarily. Microsoft wants the Xbox submission part removed. By the sound of, Microsoft will allow this on Windows 10 but not the Xbox One. See our full story for more information.

Download Nesbox Universal Emulator from the Windows Store

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