Homefront Revolution

As part of Microsoft's Gamescom 2015 Xbox briefing, publisher Deep Silver revealed that it is indeed still working on their long-in-development first person shooter Homefront:The Revolution. The game, which was announced a few years ago, will get a multiplayer beta on the Xbox One sometime this winter.

Crytek first announced it would work on a sequel to Homefront, which depicted a United States partly occupied by North Korea forces, way back in 2011 for publisher THQ. Later, Crytek bought the Homefront rights as part of THQ's bankruptcy and revealed it would continue developing the game. In 2014, Crytek sold off the game's right to Deep Silver. The game itself is now describable as an "open-world FPS where you must lead the Resistance and wage guerrilla warfare against a superior military force." The full game will be released in 2016.