The Hoop by Coloud

Microsoft has revealed a new headset for Windows Phone owners, The Hoop by Coloud, that's been designed specifically for smartphone owners who have a more active lifestyle.

The headset's biggest feature is one that hopefully will keep the earpiece inside a person's ear, even when they may be running or doing other exercies. Microsoft says:

A headset that doesn't fit properly can slow you down. That's why the Hoop comes with an adjustable support loop that helps keep the earpieces from slipping out of your ear. And when you clip the cable to your clothes, you're all set for distraction-free listening.

Microsoft got a number of track athletes to test The Hoop by Coloud. One of them was UK sprinter Christian Malcolm who is quoted as saying:

"I've got small ears and find that standard earphones slip out quite easily. Being a sprinter, that's the last thing you want. The more I used these, the more I refined the loop length to fit my ear shape. Even when coming out of the blocks, they were still nice and snug. They fitted really well."

Besides the support loop, the new headset will also have an phone answer/end key and volume keys placed its cable. While Nokia has worked with Zound Industries in the past to release headphones with the Coloud brand, this is the first product with that label that's being released by Microsoft.

Microsoft will sell The Hoop by Coloud headsets in Europe for €29 in black, green or orange colors. There's no word on if they will be sold in other parts of the world.

Source: Microsoft

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