Version 3.0 of the Hope Calendar app for Windows 10 PC and Mobile is now available. It adds the much requested week view to the app, among many other new features including some 'pro' Live Tile features.

Here's what's new in Hope Calendar 3.0:

  • The most requested feature, week view is now here and provides you another way to conquer your calendar. Give it a try and let us know what you think.
  • Live Tiles are a big part of what makes Windows 10 work so well. With v3, we've added three new pro live tile templates for you to use to help make your start screen pop!
  • Don't care about a particular appointment or series of appointments? Don't want others to see it? We've made it easy to hide individual appointments. Don't worry, it's easy to quickly show and hide those hidden appointments so that you are always in control of your calendar.
  • The best font size might be different for you than it is for us. Now we can both get what works best with the ability to resize the font shown within the month view.
  • The very fastest way to add a new appointment. Just tell Cortana to add something to your calendar, and that appointment will also be added to Hope Calendar automatically.
  • Need to get to your next stop in a hurry? Tap the Uber button in the appointment details popup, and the Uber app will launch with the address already filled in. A couple more taps, and you're on your way.

Download Hope Calendar from Windows Store

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