We know a lot of people are anxious for Windows Phone 7.8, the OS update for current Windows Phone 7.xx users who want the new “look” of 3 Live Tile sizes, in addition to some other minor enhancements.

O2, via Twitter support, has responded to one customer by stating  the update will come by the end of January and will be delivered by Zune desktop.

We should caution that O2 Twitter is not exactly an official announcement and we have seen some false information come from carrier support before, but the detail and confidence by which O2 responded here gives us some hope.

Windows Phone 7.8 was announced way back in June at the Windows Phone Summit. Microsoft said it would come only after Windows Phone 8 was on the market and they seem to be getting some mileage out of that commitment, seeing as it’s been two and half months so far.

Though 7.8 is not a huge change, the new Live Tile design with three sizes actually goes a long way in delivering the Windows Phone 8 experience on current hardware.  O2 is one of the first carriers to comment about availability of the update and we hope to hear from other carriers shortly.

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Source: Twitter; Thanks, Er. Akshat, for the tip!