Hotel Tonight for Windows Phone received a nice update over the weekend. Last week the popular mobile booking company announced that travelers could now book and save up to seven days in advance. That feature rolled out to the iPhone and Android users, then came to Windows Phone a few days later with the recent update.

The app Hotel Tonight is a relatively new service that connects those with flexible travel plans with savings by booking last-minute. It worked by connecting spontaneous travelers with empty rooms at nearby hotels and did so by offering big savings. With that limitation, you could only book rooms at hotels same day. Fly into San Francisco on a Sunday? You could only get a room with Hotel Tonight that same Sunday. Not anymore.

The version 2.0 update for Hotel Tonight in the Windows Phone Store adds the new ability to book up to seven days out. You'll find the change when clicking the calendar button in the app. From there you can now specify the dates you'll be travelling – up to seven days out.

Hotel Tonight retains its appeal to spontaneous, last-minute travelers with the new update, but does add just a smidge of flexibility making it perfect for getaways on the weekend.

We're seeing the new ability to book seven days out in the Windows Phone version of Hotel Tonight, but don't see the feature in the Windows 8.1 version just yet.

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