Earlier this month, last-minute hotel booking service HotelTonight announced that it will lay off 20 percent of its workforce, and it looks like the company will no longer support Windows Phone.

Several customers are receiving emails from the service about the upcoming changes:

Thanks so much for downloading HotelTonight for your Windows Phone. So... we have good news and bad news. Bad news first: going forward, we're no longer supporting our Windows app. We've decided to throw all our time and energy into our iOS and Android apps, which means we had to say goodbye to Windows.

But the good news is you can now book via our mobile website! Just open up your phone's browser and go to

While HotelTonight is ending its support for the Windows ecosystem, there are several travel services that continue to offer apps on the platform. Over the summer, Expedia re-released its Windows Phone app, working with Microsoft to design a native app that features Cortana integration and a much more consistent user experience.

Source: Reddit

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