Understatement: Windows Mobile's default media player, Windows Media Player (WMP), isn't exactly iPod-class. One solution for this issue is to just give up on WMP completely and go with something like Pocket Tunes, currently our top pick for alternate music players (though we have more reviews of media players coming soon -- stay tuned). For some, however, having another media player isn't a great option due to either memory constraints or just plain personal preference. For you crazy folks, we offer two hints to make things a little better.

Hint the first: force WMP to actually remember your place in a track after you've exited WMP. This solution comes via a simple .cab plugin from XDA Wizard Wolfman-XP [via]. It's pretty much a necessity if you're using WMP to listen to audio books or, ahem, podcasts.

Hint the second: you've probably seen that there's a setting in WMP to allow for different skins, but on most devices there's just the default available and finding more is a hassle. Well buck up little camper: Chris Craft (aka Mr. 30 apps in 30 days) has collected his top 5 WMP skins here. We're fond of the $1.99 'Tweak' interface pictured above.

Bonus hint: make it known to Microsoft that the media situation is untenable and if they're planning on bringing that rumored Zune-like functionality they'd better get on it and right quick.