Microsoft Band 2 Lose it

The Microsoft Band 2 syncs with the Microsoft Health app on your phone, but it can also share activity data with other popular services. A new partnership that was mentioned when the Band 2 launched was Lose It! ( It has more than 25 million members using the service to help them lose weight. Already a Lose It! member? Interested to try it out with your band? We'll show you how to connect them.

Before we continue, just keep in mind that there's currently no Windows app for Lose It!. You'll still be able to sync the Microsoft Band 2 with the service, but you'll be accessing their data and insight on your web browser. Android and iOS users have a Lose It! app on their phones. Let's hope they bring it to Windows 10 as well.

  1. On your desktop browser, sign up or log in to
  2. Go to the Apps & Devices page
  3. Look for Microsoft Health and click Connect to Microsoft Health
  4. Enter your Microsoft username and password
  5. Click Yes to give access to Lose It!

Microsoft Health Lose It

All basic and Premium Lose It! members can sync calories from steps tracked by the Microsoft Band. However, only premium members get:

  • Steps goal updates
  • Exercise minute goal updates
  • Exercise calorie goal updates

It's hard to recommend Lose It! to Windows users with the Microsoft Band 2 right now because there's no app available yet. They also don't have a mobile-friendly site. In addition, you need to be a premium member to get other important updates like the exercise calorie goal. Lose It! Premium costs $39.99/yr.

Will you be trying to lose weight with Lose It! on the Microsoft Band 2? Let us know in the comments!

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