WMExperts Forum Member / hero zbop has done the impossible incredible: Written instructions for getting the full version of YouTube working on Windows Mobile without needing a PhD in Computer Science. That's not, (which only features whatever videos YouTube has bothered to encode for that site), but the full YouTube. It's not quite plug 'n play, but it's darn close. If you follow zbop's instructions to a Tee you should be able to manage it. They're a lot easier than the earlier mentioned hack.

  • If you already have a version of TCPMP installed, uninstall it now.
  • Install link here
  • Install FlashVideoBundle.CAB attached [in the linked forum post below] (this MUST be installed in the same location as TCPMP)
  • Soft-reset

You'll also want to read through the whole thread (linked below) for some tips and tricks for configuring TCPMP to get everything running smoothly and quickly (see especially Malatesta's post). On devices with slow processors, you may want to look into those acceleration tips. I'm here to tell you, though, on a lowly Treo750 with lowly EDGE, it works without too many config futzing.

If you follow the instructions exactly and use the preconfigured TCPMP settings, you should be able to play videos smoothly if your network connection is adequate.

Read: Full Youtube and Google Video access! - WM Experts

(Note, you'll need to register in order to be able to download the flash bundle .cab. As long as you are, you might as well use the contest box on the right of this page - might win yourself 25 bucks at our store. ;) )