Here's another sweet hack from the forums. Palm inexplicably hasn't put threaded messaging on the CDMA versions Windows Mobile Treo (i.e the 700w and 700wx), but it's available on the GSM only Treo 750. So - hackers to the rescue! I've done this successfully on both an HTC Touch and a Mogul - as promised by the thread's title, the instructions really are dead-simple.

A couple of caveats:

  1. You'll want to use Resco Explorer or some other file browser that can get to hidden files.
  2. You'll lose MMS. Yeah - there are ways around it, but basically you're making a decision between threaded SMS and MMS. The only time I use MMS is when I'm testing it on a new phone, so no big loss for me.
  3. Windows Mobile 6 Pro or Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC edition only (i.e. touchscreen), sorry kids.

So head on into the forums and get your thread on. Big ups to codyppc for writing up the instructions and to hannip for figuring it all out.

Ok, due to the large number of people still having trouble installing the sms app, I have decided to write another tutorial for nOObs. With pictures. Many said the old threads were outdated.

Read: WM6 Threaded SMS Install Instructions for nOObs. w/pictures - WM Experts