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There’s an app all of you should have on your Windows Phone right now. It’s ours and it’s made by Jay Bennett. As you may have noticed, our app hit version 4.4 nearly a month ago. It wasn’t a big update in terms of features. Instead, it was a refinement of what was already a killer app. How did Jay refine it? With a bit of help from feedback from both users and a recent design review with Nokia and Microsoft. Let’s check out the video from that design review.

Jay had the chance to sit with Dave Crawford, design lead at Microsoft, to get feedback and ideas on how to improve our app. Of course our app has been around since early 2011. Back then working with the design language formerly known as metro was a new concept to app developers.

We’ve had many updates to our app over the course of time, but there were still a few vestigial design elements present in our app. Dave worked with Jay in identifying those elements and bringing our app more in compliance with newer design principles found in Windows Phone 8. However, it's worth pointing out that a lot of the suggestions Jay received will be implemented into a larger update for our app on Windows Phone after he gets the Windows 8 version out the door. 

If you’re a developer or designer do check out the on the Nokia Developer website. It’s part of a series on design consultations for Windows Phone.

Of course thanks to Dave Crawford and everyone for their help in making our app even better.

Source: Nokia Developer