WIndows Phone Start Screen

Our Windows Phone Start Screen is an easy way to make our phones our own. Even before Windows Phone 8.1 introduced transparent Live Tiles and Start Screen background images, through third party apps and in-house settings you could customize things quite a bit.

There is a Windows Phone Central Forums discussion, started by Forum Member Sir William Wiener that asks how often do you change your Start Screen background images and accent colors? Sir William finds himself tweaking the Start Screen a lot while the habits range from daily changes to weekly to "every once in a while".

Which all leads us to the same question Sir William has asked, how often do you change your Windows Phone Start Screen? For those running the Preview for Developers copy of Windows Phone 8.1 do you change out the background image daily, weekly or whenever the mood hits you?

How about accent colors? Do they reflect your mood, change them regularly or do you keep things parked on your favorite color?

Personally, I've kept my accent color parked on Steel for some time (just like the color) and change the background image every now and then. Strangely, though, I keep coming back to my first background image after a few days.

But what say you? Hop on over to this Windows Phone Central Forums discussion on your Start Screen habits and share your thoughts on the subject. Additionally, if you have a Start Screen layout that you particularly like and want to share it, we have this forums discussion going on that might be worth dropping in on.