Did you know that there is a way to get rid of the AT&T “bloatware” without having to install a custom ROM? It’s been making the rounds on several internet forums but I first discovered how to remove the “bloat” over at Xda Developers. You essentially prevent the Fuze from loading all the AT&T branded and trial software during the initial start-up or just after a hard reset.

The process is rather simple, though it does start with a hard-reset. After you align the screen and skip the tutorials you are prompted to tap “OK” to install customized applications. Immediately after you hit “OK” you perform a soft reset by just pressing the reset button. When the Fuze reboots, the installation of Xpressmail, Ms. Pacman, AT&T Mall, etc. are bypassed leaving with a little more memory and a lot less bloat.

Now, some of that 'bloat' is actually stuff you want. You will have to go into the Windows folder on your device and install TouchFlo3D (file name PTManilaReg .cab), Microsoft's Security File (file name MSFTSecurity.cab), Opera (file name WM6PPCHTCOpera9_WWE.cab), as well as any of the other programs that AT&T provides that you may like such as Sprite Backup (each application can be found in the Windows main directory as well). I may be imagining things but the Fuze seems a little more responsive with the “bloat” removed. The nice thing about this method is that all you have to do to correct it is perform a hard reset and let the customization go through.