It's no secret that some of us around here are none-to-fond of Microsoft's latest browser IE6, which made its debut with the Sprint Treo Pro.

In short, editing this line in your registry will roll back some of the changes in IE6 to make it more IE5-like, including the old-style navigation (i.e. no cursor) and a better layout. And for those who want the .cab, Codyppc even did that for ya for a quick install. Noyce. (Note: yes, this also disables flash, so no more YouTube!)

HKLM\Security\Internet Explorer\MSHTML=0

While technically this only applies to the Sprint Treo Pro right now, it may be worth remembering this little trick for when those newer devices and/or ROM updates start showing up and you find yourself in the same boat as we, yearning for last year's version ;-)

And if you're lost when we talk about editing the registry, check out Hobbes' excellent registry tutorial.