Microsoft has released a new video showing how Windows Phone 8.1 owners can take better advantage of its Cortana digital assistant to deliver information based on the personal interest of the user.

The clip, as posted on YouTube, shows how users can go to Cortana's notebook menu and then tap on "interests" to see the various subjects that she can offer her reminder and alert services. For example, if you have an upcoming airline itinerary in your email inbox, Cortana can alert you if that flight is getting close to boarding.

Of course, Cortana can also offer alerts for a variety of other subjects, and users can customize those alerts to their hearts desire. So if you want to keep in touch with how your stocks are doing on the NYSE, or if your favorite football player has been traded, Cortana can be set up to offer alerts in case something major happens in those areas. All custom interests can also be pinned to the Windows Phone Start screen.

What do you think of the interest feature in Cortana and do you think it's helpful for Windows Phone 8.1 users?

Source: Windows Phone on YouTube