HP has issued a news release that Windows Mobile 6.5 will be used with its future devices. Quoting from the release:

"Windows Mobile 6.5 on HP smartphones will offer key enhancements to business productivity, personal messaging and mobile Internet capabilities, making it even easier for mobile customers to communicate and to manage critical business and personal information. With its new visual appeal, enhanced mobile Internet experience and greater personalization capabilities, the new operating system boosts the opportunities for Windows-based smartphones in broader market segments."

With LG pledging to make Windows Mobile its primary operating system for the foreseable future, the news release may be an effort to remind Microsoft (and the rest of us) that HP has been and still is a strong supporter. HP has a long-standing relationship with Microsoft's mobile systems dating back to the Jornada days that ran Windows CE and Pocket PC as well as the current Ipaq models running Windows Mobile.

HP didn't use this as an opportunity to announce any new devices that would be running Windows Mobile 6.5.  Does this mean that the Data and Voice Messengers will be compatible with Windows Mobile 6.5? Or delayed until WinMo 6.5 is released? Will a successor to the Ipaq 910c surface next? 

[Read: Engadget.com]