Microsoft is attempting to save Windows 8 through Windows 8.1, pushing machines left, right and centre, but it seems one of its OEM partners has other ideas. HP has brought back Windows 7 hardware, enabling consumers to customise a new HP PC, running the older operating system. The reason for this re-introduction? According to the HP website, the offer was brought back "by popular demand."

It's no secret that Windows 8 has divided opinions with many swearing by the new vision from Microsoft, while many simply want their Start menu returned and the Modern UI signed to the dustbin of history. Regardless as to which side of the fence you're in, it's interesting to see HP not only offering the ability to have Windows 7 installed in favour of Windows 8, but the company is promoting the offer on its website.

HP Windows 7

Speaking of other OEM partners, you can technically order a PC from other companies (Dell, Acer and the like) with Windows 7 installed and ready to go, but you've got some digging or contacting to do, while HP has made it super easy for consumers to get started.

If you're looking to order a Windows 7 PC, it may be worth checking out HP to see what deals are available within your price range. You can see all the products that are actively promoted with Windows 7 over on the HP website. What are your thoughts on HP's move?

Source: HP, via: Neowin

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