Windows Central has received tips indicating that Microsoft's retail stores are waiting until mid-October to begin selling the HP Elite x3 smartphone, even though the stores reportedly have them in stock.

Elite x3

One of our tipsters sent this email to us:

Just received confirmation at a Virginia Microsoft store that the elite x3 cannot be sold until October 11th. They are waiting for updates to fix camera issues, etc. They have them in stock but cannot sell them, unfortunately.

This would seem to confirm what we have heard from other sources that Microsoft and HP are working on new drivers to boost performance for the Elite x3, and improve its camera, before selling the phone again. This might also explain why the U.S. and Canadian Microsoft Store sites, and HP's web store, are now showing the Elite x3 as "out of stock".

Of course, we will provide updates when HP and Microsoft do release new software and firmware updates for the Elite x3 and when the phone will be available again to purchase.

Thanks to Bryan for the tip!

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