If you've been eager to get your hands on an HP Elite x3 without its desk dock, TigerDirect now has your back. The business-centric Elite x3 is now on sale for $699 after coupon code from TigerDirect's business storefront.

HP Elite x3 without dock now on sale at TigerDirect

This listing makes TigerDirect one of the first retailers, outside of HP itself, to offer the HP Elite x3 without a Desk Dock included. While the initial listing price shows $799, TigerDirect will shave $100 off that price if you use coupon code OHJ165199 at checkout. That brings the phone down to its usual $699 price without a dock.

It's worth noting that TigerDirect is also offering the HP Desk Dock for $185, making the full package slightly more expensive than buying through HP direct. However, if you don't plan on docking the phone for use as a PC, then you should be okay without the dock.

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Thanks to tribexx for the tip!

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