Here come the leaks - a couple of new iPAQs from HP. The first is the 614c - which is a WM6 Pro (Touchscreen) with HSDPA, WiFi, and GPS (!). The cool thing about it, though: take a close look at the keypad. See that ridge? That's a touch-sensitive scroll wheel - which allows the 614c to get a bigger screen by eliminating the 5-way button. The 914c is the same deal, but with the standard 5-way and a QWERTY keyboard. No word yet on when we'll see these hit, or how they'll hit out wallets.

HP is on the verge of really and truly reviving the iPAQ name - hopefully these will help.

Labeled the iPAQ 614c and 914c, the two devices line up pretty nicely with the rumors, with the 614c rocking a 2.8-inch QVGA screen in a candybar form factor with Windows Mobile 6 Professional, HSDPA, WiFi and a touch wheel, and even tacking on GPS and a 3 megapixel camera to the already juicy list. The 914c rotates the screen and goes QWERTY, with only 2.5-inches due to the orientation, but the same QVGA resolution and the rest of the 614c's specs

Read: MoDaCo via engadget mobile