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HP isn't exactly known as an innovator in the PC hardware space, but according to a new report the company may have something interesting to announce on October 29. That would be something called "Sprout", a Windows PC that also has a projector and 3D scanner.

' The report from Re/code, citing unnamed sources, says Sprout combines a touchscreen PC with a flat surface. The big difference is some kind of hardware that's placed overhead of the PC that contains the projector and 3D scanner. Re/code states:

"The overhead device projects images downward onto the work surface, which users can manipulate with their hands or with a stylus. They can resize pictures, move elements around and change colors. They can also easily add new elements to the image by scanning objects or other images directly on the work surface. This is where the overhead 3-D scanner comes into play. Adding an image of any object is as easy as placing it on the work surface where it can be scanned and then included in whatever the user is working on."


This is certainly something out of HP's normal PC comfort zone. The company, which recently announced plans to separate its PC and enterprise divisions into two separate companies by the end of 2015 is reportedly going to market Sprout to businesses and high-end consumers, with the idea that this product could help make presentations more interactive. The company will hold a press event in New York City on October 29 where it will officially announce Sprout as well as some other products.

What would you use such a PC for in your business?

Source: Re/code