Earlier this week, HP announced a new and very unique Windows 8.1 all-in-one PC called the HP Sprout. While there's been a lot of debate about the name of this PC and how effective it is in describing the product, HP is going all out to promote the Sprout with a series of long videos and TV commercials that debuted this week that showcase its different interactive features.

One of the commercials that's been running on a number of TV shows focuses on the hands as the main controller for the HP Sprout, which combines an overhead projector with camera and a 3D scanner with a 20 point capacitive touch mat that allows its users to manipulate images, graphics and virtual objects on that mat as well as on its 23-inch touchscreen.

Yet another TV commercial focuses on how the HP Sprout will allow users to "reimagine" how they work on various projects.

Finally, HP has uploaded a much longer (over three minutes) video of the Sprout, showing how it can be used for things as complex as redesigning a kitchen to simply things like making a custom image for a baby's first birthday. What's perhaps is most interesting is what's not shown in these videos. Windows 8.1 is not mentioned at all in any of these commercials. Indeed, the shorter videos don't show Windows 8.1 while the longer ad barely shows the Windows 8.1 taskbar.

Is it a good idea for HP to downplay the use of Windows 8.1 for the new Sprout in favor of its cool interactive features?

Source: HP (YouTube)