In an effort to beef up the security of its enterprise offerings, HP has announced some new security features coming to its lineup of Elite PCs in 2017. Packing everything from extra BIOS protection to better authentication, the updated lineup should help enterprise users keep their data even more secure.

HP teases security features coming to its EliteBook PC lineup in 2017

One of the biggest updates is to HP Sure Start, which already protects the system's BIOS code from attacks. With the next iteration of Sure Start, HP is extending protection to the System Management Mode (SMM) layer, which will help the system detect attempts to tamper with the BIOS and restore things to their original condition automatically.

HP is also talking up HP Multi-Factor Authenticate, which leverages authentication technology in Elite PCs with 7th generation Intel processors to provide stronger security than a simple password. From HP:

The technology enables hardened, multiple-factor authentication and policies, which exponentially increases the difficulty of hacking because it takes advantage of a combination of credentials. In fact, it makes your log-in a million times more secure, which is important because hacked passwords continue to be a major risk for companies.

While HP doesn't yet have a release date or price for any of the three updated EliteBook (820, 840 and 850) notebooks that are on the way, the company is clearly looking to emphasize its security efforts. We should learn more about the new Elite PC lineup as we move into 2017, but for now you can check out HP's full post for more details.