HP is certainly committed to the Elite x3. Besides a handful of prosumer enthusiasts, there will be companies relying on the phone for daily work. Therefore, it shouldn't be surprising to see the three-in-one device grab its third firmware since its release.

Firmware version xxxx.xxxx.0018.0105 is now out up from the previous xxxx.xxxx.0014.0100. The update itself is relatively small and is an easy download.

We have received the update on a Production release of the Elite x3, but our Fast Ring enabled device does not yet see the new firmware.

It is not yet known what is new in this update. Usually, firmware improves things like device performance, hardware and battery optimizations, camera enhancements and any new features. Some features may appear later too when corresponding HP app updates come through the Store.

We have not noticed anything blatantly new with this update in our few minutes with the firmware.

We've reached out to HP for a full changelog and will update this article if more information becomes available.

Well this is an interesting combo. More info later this week #Elitex3 #twitter

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Also, stay tuned for our Elite x3 Lap Dock unboxing and mini-review due later this week. To discuss this update and to hear from others with this device please jump into our Elite x3 forums!

Thanks, Gary G., for the tip