HP' is going all out to promote its recently announced Sprout. This week, the Windows 8.1 PC, with its unique interactive options, appeared on the ABC late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live as one of its in-show infomercials.

The clip shows an HP rep demoing the Sprout's combination of an overhead projector, cameras, a 3D scanner and a capacitive touch panel to Jimmy Kimmel's sidekick Guillermo. The PC then scanned Guillermo's head to be the centerpiece of a country-style poster. The clip showed other 3D objects being scanned by the HP Sprout and those images were then manipulated by the rep and Guillermo on the touch panel to form a rather weird looking poster that we won't reveal here.

HP seems to be going all out to push the Sprout to a mainstream audience, unlike many of its other Windows 8.1 PCs. Let us know what you think about this kind of marketing in the comments.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live (YouTube) Thanks to Patrick for the tip!