We just said that BGR's roadmap was the gift that keeps on giving and boy did we mean it. Next up: HP is taking another swing at Windows Mobile devices and this time they're going for the fences. That's a welcome sign after their previous bunts.

The highlight is definitely the Oak, a WM 6.1 Pro device with a touchscreen, quad-band HSDPA, bluetooth, gps, wifi, and a thin slider form factor that looks hottt with three Ts. The thin comes at a price, though, a measly 1010 mAh battery that they're optimistically claiming will last for 3.5 hours of talk time.

Next up is the Silver, which is interesting because not only does it look a heckuva lot like a BlackBerry Peal, but it also sports a “SureType” keyboard that they're calling a “suretype” keyboard -- perhaps it's been licensed from RIM? It has nearly identical specs as the above Oak (though they mysteriously left Bluetooth off the list. Surely an omission). It's WM6.1 standard and due in July.

There was also a low-endish ODM v16xx on BGR's list - an inexpensive WM 6.1 Pro device that lacks WiFi but has GPS and a front-facing QWERTY. We suspect it's just EDGE, but don't know for sure. Due in September.

Is anybody else wishing Vodafone would hurry up and get their subsidiary, Verizon, onto GSM already? Because they clearly have the Windows Mobile goods coming to Europe and we're jealous. Very jealous.

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