Nokia Lumia 521

Although you can still find the Lumia 521 for $129.95 at other shops, like your local Walmart (if it’s available) or on occasion a Microsoft Store (if you live near one), is still selling the phone at what seems to be a great pace—plus it’s actually in stock.

The low-cost phone, which we reviewed here, runs normally for $149.95 at the popular online shop but perhaps for the holiday (Flag Day today, Father’s Day on Sunday), they’ve dropped it to an even more enticing $130. Mind you, that’s the no-contract, no strings attached price for the T-Mobile locked handset.

We happen to use the Lumia 521 quite regularly at home due to the Wi-Fi calling feature and overall general feel of the device. That’s not to say we don’t grab our 92x devices when we go out, but the 521 is in our opinion the perfect phone for teenagers or older folks who don’t want a fancy smartphone (but could still benefit from some of its features, like maps, messaging and a nice calendar).

Head over to to pick up the Lumia 521 in white. Have a 521? Share your experience with others in comments on whether this phone gets a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’.

Source:; Thanks, John, for the tip!

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