WP Central HTC 8X Preview Sale Singapore

Windows Phone 8 is almost upon us but before that we still have Windows 8 launch to get through. Looks like retailers in the Singapore are going to use that weekend to start pushing the HTC 8X in a promo sale.

The offer is set to last for three days only from 26th to the 28th of October, this is way ahead of the official launch on 3rd November so this could be one to look out for.

The offer includes S$50 off either the black or blue hero phone from HTC. The offer is set to be held a participating stores in the rather excellent Funan DigitaLife Mall where they are always keen to do a deal on cutting edge technology. The HTC 8X is also sold at retail outlets like Challenger, Courts and Gain City without contract for the said period.

WP Central HTC 8X Preview Sale Singapore - Offer

Fancy a HTC 8x before they official launch day, and want some money off? 

The HTC 8x is proving to be a popular choice of handset for those seeking a Windows Phone 8 update, coming in some snazzy colours and boasting some great front optics and image processing technology. HTC have a strong presence in the region and so it’s of no surprise they are acting to get ahead a little early and grab some important sales over that weekend. With all the launch events and news about Microsoft due to Windows 8, getting a brand new handset out there early is a good idea.

We’d like to know if you see any more offers going out for this weekend for presales where you live. If you live in Singapore, we’d like to hear from you. Will you be taking them up on this little pre sale for the 8x or are you going to wait until more handsets are made available after the launch?

Thanks to Wei Yu for the tip!!!