Is this the HTC 8x?

With HTC's Windows Phone event only a day away, we are seeing a blurry image surface that is reported the HTC 8x Windows Phone. Rumors are still going strong that we will see two, maybe three new Windows Phones from HTC tomorrow. Could this be the 8x?

Rum: 8

The other shoe to drop with this leaked image is speculation that the 8x is headed to Verizon Wireless. According to the tipster who sent the photo, the 8x was branded for Verizon and has support for the carriers 4G LTE network.  

Luckily, we won't have long to wait to see if this image holds true and hopefully, we'll also start to see carrier branding on all these new Windows Phones as well. For now, we'll average out the Rum o' meter and give this one an 8, leaning more towards the accuracy of the photo and with some reservations on the Verizon angle.

We will be in New York for the HTC event and will bring you all the new HTC has to share.

Source: phonearena, via: liveside