HTC Arrive

Going, going, going... ah hello, Apollo!

Sprint is slowing phasing out the much loved HTC Arrive, according to Windows Phone Central forum member iknowsingh. Travelling down to the Sprint corporate store on 42nd street in New York, iknowsingh notes that the Arrive was nowhere to be seen. Confirmation came in that it was also not present at three local Sprint authorised retailers with no Arrives in stock.

A representative was able to explain that the HTC Arrive was listed as EOL after the last price change and software update. The device is still listed in the system and on the carrier website, where it can be picked up for just $49.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate.

The Windows Phone has constantly been praised by owners, who are among the most dedicated and patriotic of the community. It also boasts immaculate reviews on the official Sprint website, blowing other smartphones out the water. There's no denying - it's a solid device.


The news of the HTC Arrive reaching it's EOL sounds plausible with Windows Phone 8 just around the corner. Sprint is said to have cold feet with supporting the platform in its next line-up, but to make the Arrive slowly die off seems like the carrier is preparing to catch an Apollo device or two. Then again, it also makes sense to dump the Windows Phone with less adopters coming on-board due to the announcement of Windows Phone 7.8. Unfortunately, this will mean it's unlikely current owners will receive Tango, but there are other means to an end (manual updating and custom ROMs), right?

What do you guys make of Sprint's possible move to kill off the Arrive in time for Apollo? Be sure to join in the discussion over on our forums.