A week or so ago the Seattle Times reported on HTC, they who pump out PocketPC phone after PocketPC phone. If you've ever been curious about this biggest name-that-isn't in smartphones, you'll want to go give the article a read. Highlights:

  • "The company began in 1997" (I always forget it's this young!)
  • They plan on making "ultramobile PCs" - but with phones in them. Think smaller OQO with a phone strapped on.
  • Intriguing to me is that they're not really interested in competing in the low-end smartphone market for very long: "We are the only ones taking the high-end phone and going even more upstream from that," he said. "For everyone else, it is the midtier handset market where they have the huge volume. But this is all we do."

Anyhow, it seems like HTC started duplicating the insane mid-90s internet stock boom right after that stock boom crashed. The difference: it sure doesn't look to me like HTC is crashing anytime soon.

HTC may be the most successful cellphone company you've never heard of.

Despite its low profile, the company is becoming an industry powerhouse with an increasingly growing impact on the market. It has developed some of the most notable cutting-edge phones and handheld devices this year.

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