If you've been hankering for a device somewhere between a UMPC and a Smartphone, the HTC Advantage is finally available in the US for reals - supposedly it's also available on the retail store shelves at Circuit City.

I like the idea of the Advantage, kinda sorta. But if I'm going to carry around something that chunky, I'd want a full keyboard.

Verdict: Do Not Want.


If you were holding out hope that HTC would finally get its naming act together, stop it. The Kaiser, also rumored to be called the AT&T 8925, is now also known as the HTC TyTN II. When AT&T will release the super-device is anyone's guess.

Verdict: Want This.

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Also in the realm of super-devices is the HTC Polaris, which is supposed to be something like the HTC Touch on Steroids (insert Barry Bonds joke here). A few extra buttons, a faster processor, 3G, GPS, FM Radio, VGA screen, 3 Megapixel camera, and a kitchen sink.

Verdict: Want this. A lot.

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Lastly: an update to the HTC Touch, an update I do not approve of, by the way. Half the reason the Touch is so awesome is that it's so small and thin. The real hassle with the Touch is definitely not dialing numbers, it's that there isn't a decent full screen keyboard built-in.

Verdict: Do Not Want.

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