How do you improve upon a grainy, leaked spy shot of upcoming HTC Devices? Why, with a grainy, leaked spy shot of a document detailing the specs of said devices! Just such a document made its way to Engadget Mobile, who also kindly provides a gallery. Here's what we've got coming down the pike from HTC:

  1. Diamond. This replaces the Touch and looks to be available on Sprint. It's new, squarish look is pretty nice and it continues the trend of eschewing physical buttons for on-screen interaction. Expect WiFi, Bluetooth, EVDO (Rev A?), and a 3mp camera. More details -- we lack them. Expected in November.
  2. Raphael. This looks like a great device, replacing the Mogul on Sprint again. WiFi, GPS, EVDO, 3mp camera. It's also nice to see that HTC has found a design look they like and are going to keep it across multiple devices. Expected in September.

Perhaps the best news about both devices, though, is that they're going to sport VGA displays! These certainly qualify for HTC's claim that