As the HTC Diamond begins to be available worldwide, reviews are starting to trickle in. Of course, if you're US-based, reading over these things will come with a bit of sadness -- as the current iteration isn't going to work well with the bands that are available here. Nevertheless, it's fun to look.

The top spot to go looking is probably going to be coolsmartphone, who has been testing the Diamond for a full week, culminating in a 37 minute movie detailing the device. If you'd like your video in a more digestible chunk (with an unboxing appetizer), Mobility Today has your fix. Hat tip to mobile-review for having what we believe is the first HTC Diamond review. You can also find more photos over at the::unwired.

Of course, if you just cannot wait for some Diamond goodness, the ROM for the device has leaked out and been ported to the TYTN II. We're going to go out on a limb and say using this ROM is not for the faint of heart. TouchFLO 3D is going to require some pretty hefty graphics acceleration that's not going to be present on most current-gen devices.

Update: ...and here's one more at Phone Arena, with some excellent photos.