Hands-on of the sort slightly more details than our paltry HTC Touch Diamond vs. Xperia X1 moment are tricking in around the web. Surur points us to a nice one over at mobile review, who write:

Already today, judging by the Diamond’s engineering samples, it’s safe to say that HTC has come up with a decent offering – probably, it’s a mixed bag design-wise, but it represents a logical leap forward in all other departments, aimed to hit the mass-market hard and appeal the users outside the circle of Windows Mobile specialists.

Of course, they follow that up by saying it ain't a “communicator.” If you want even more Diamond-dulling you can take a peek at Jeff Kirvin's take, like many he's shying away from the smallish battery and decrying the lack of an external memory card slot.

Some of our luckier colleagues in the WinMo Blogosphere are currently attending Mobius, where they're getting to mix it up with all sorts of devices, including the Diamond. Joel over at geek.com posts up some good thoughts on it that you might not have seen before.

Of course, as you might expect, BGR has got a hands-on as well, though they worry that TouchFLO 3D isn't quite as fast as it ought to be. Like everybody else who's commented on that speed thing, they're hoping/assuming that it's a “this isn't quite the final build yet” thing.

...All in all, if HTC can get the Touch Diamond out on schedule (rumored as early as June for the Taiwanese market), they should be able to easily sell the two million they're hoping to.

Thanks, Surur!