Well if you've been following the whole HTC Touch Diamond release info, you may have noticed the "new" soft keyboard that will be shipping with the device. The keyboard, by most hands-on reviews, has been praised as quite the improvement on the previous Touch keyboard (although perhaps a tad "busy" looking).

Of course one very popular alternative is the TouchPal keyboard (see v3 info), however that one will cost you a modest $13.

But if you're interested in that new HTC Touch Diamond one, seems as if some crafty XDA'ers (namely P1Tater) have scored a copy of that software and .cab'd it up for an easy install.

Couple of notes:

  • install is a bit slow, but normal
  • default language is Italian (change to English in settings)

Other than that, feedback has been quite positive. Give it a spin and let us know!

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