HTC can't modify the OS at all, but that won't stop them from bringing their styling to Windows Phone. And we know they will be offering dock accessories for the Radar and Eternity but lots of folks were wondering, what's the point if Windows Phone doesn't do landscape?

Ah, well that's where HTC steps in with their HTC Dock app. As can be seen in our hands-on video, HTC have created an app that is very Sense derived. Let see what we can gather what this app does:

  • Clock/Alarm
  • Weather - the background is the current weather and dynamic, the temperature is below the clock
  • Media player - Music
  • HTC Watch - Movies, video
  • Photos - Near the bottom we can see your latest photos. one could imagine tapping them starts a slide show

Sure it doesn't make up for no-landscape support, but as a bed stand or desk accessory, we can't help but really like the idea of having this. You?