Old and busted: “Windows Mobile 6 is the worst kept secret in the world.”
New and hot: “Windows Mobile 7 is the worst kept secret in the world.”

The latest evidence of the above, HTC's General Manager for MEA and CIS, Kevin Chen, apparently let drop that he hopes the WM giant to will be able to announce WM7 devices by Quarter 1 of 2009. This based on a conversation PhoneReport [via Engadget] reportedly had with him.

On the Microsoft side, HTC doesn’t seem to sure when the phone will be announced, but only when it should be announced, in other words, they aren’t sure of what’s happening with the Windows Mobile 7 product but they are hoping it gets to the market early next year.

Alright, so there's not much there except an admission that HTC believes Microsoft is working on Windows Mobile 7 and that they're hoping for early '09. At least it's a litlte more realistic than the last rumor. Early 2009 be nice, but let's just get this 6.1 update to everybody out first, okay?