Back a few months ago, someone on a Chinese site ( published the supposed specs for the HTC HD3.

We didn't really cover it, because

  • Sure, it's HTC anything is possible
  • There's no real proof

Flash forward six-months later and the situation is still the same, but the technology landscape has changed a bit. For instance, 1.5GHz processors are now real and ready to roll, so that's possible. WiMax is out now (HTC EVO) and even 8MP cameras are legit. But yeah, we also know that 1280x800 is not a supported Windows Phone 7 resolution and a 4.5" screen was always suspect (plus just getting ridiculous; then again, hello Dell Mini 5 'Streak'!).

But still, suppose HTC does make a HD3--not really a stretch of the imagination, is it? Lets take a guess: it'll be a big black slab, three capacitive buttons on the front,  8MP back camera, 1.3MP front, WiMax (or LTE) and a 1.5GHz Snapdragon. The screen will be 4.3", give or take. Slap and HTC logo on there, sell it off to Sprint and AT&T and we're good to go. Are we close?

So the phone featured in this fake video-promo for the supposed HD3?  Probably still fake, but also likely pretty close to whatever the actual HD3 will be, since this isn't rocket science. Go ahead watch, get your drool bucket and put that Sprint EVO order on hold for a few months.

Check the "video" (really just still shots and HTC logo) after the break...

[edit: And of course some of this was published over at WMPU awhile back]