Ok, so the headline is a pitch-perfect example of why we're not writing ad copy. The gist, though, is that HTC is preparing to really start this effort to increase their brand awareness that they've been chatting it up for some time now (their December financial report was just the most recent instance of such chatting). We're also just starting to see HTC get carriers to admit that its HTC that makes stuff like the Shadow, the Tilt, the MDA, the Mogul, and so on -- we're all for these being clearly known as HTC devices. In fact, we think it's better for the carriers to associate themselves with the HTC brand than it is to pretend that the “Verizon XV6800” came out of Verizon's labs. You guys have that network thing down, stick with that.

Anyhow, back to HTC. The next step is to up and get some commercials on the air. And of course, on YouTube, as you can see in the (slightly creepy?) video above. Expect to see more from HTC in the coming weeks and months. More, that is, in addition to the mystery event on May 6th, the just-leaked images, and the fact that there's a better than 50% chance that the phone on your belt is already an HTC product. Oh, and then there's this from HTC's YouTube page:

Sure, they're playing us like a tune with this stuff, but sometimes it's nice to get played -- especially if the end result is a great device, right?