We took a look at the rumoured HTC Ignite and Prime earlier in the year, which were two very slick Windows Phone handset concepts published at XDA China. The issue we had with the rumours were the low specifications that were tied to the handsets. The Ignite was to sport a 800Mhz processor, and things just didn't feel right.

The two mysterious handsets did appear on The Phone House, a Dutch retailer, in mid-2011 but have since vanished from view. Fortunately we can now see them on Typhone, another Dutch retailer. They have the expected dates set at October '11, but HTC has just recently launched the Titan and Radar so it would seem odd that two more devices would be on the way. Take it with a grain of salt, but looking at the image above, we can only dream.

Source: Typhone HTC Ignite and Prime product pages. Thanks Sebastiaan for the heads up!