We've already seen the Iolite in low-res and again saw it confirmed in even lower-res in that gargantuan HTC devices leak.  Looks to us as though of all the devices in that massive cache, the first to arrive just might be the Iolite.  Why's that?  Well another image has popped up (via coolsmartphone) that confirms we're looking at a Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro with TouchFlo 3D.  We're seeing some clearer specs as well:

  • Qualcomm MSM7225, 528MHz
  • 512MB ROM, 288 RAM
  • 2.8 Inch, 240x320 screen (really?)
  • 3.2mp camera
  • MicroSD
  • Quad-band EDGE, 3G
  • Bluetooth, Wifi
  • 1100 mAh battery good for 400 minutes of talktime
  • 102mmx53.5mmx14.5mm
  • 103 grams 

We're not sure, but the above specs seem like a pretty clear indication that we're looking at a Euro-only replacement for the HTC Cruise.  We're seeing a similar scrollwheel/d-pad and also a new button -- the "HTC Footprints button," which smells like a dedicated GPS button to us.  The Cruise, you may recall, was marketed primarily as a GPS Device.  With a dedicated GPS-esque button on the Iolite and the similar form factor, we're guessing that the Iolite is aiming at the same niche.