I haven't used the phrase "Yet Another Windows Qwerty Keyboard Windows Mobile Smartphone" since the early days of the site, but this FCC approval of the HTC Iris makes me think of just that, yaqkwms. The picture is just a photoshop mock-up of the device, but we've seen those pan out, actually, so we'll refrain from judging that too harshly. The specs are, well, adequate:

CDMA850/CDMA1900/1x-EVDO connectivity, Wi-Fi b/g and Bluetooth, miniUSB, USB 1.1, Windows Mobile 6.0 OS,2.4?, 320×240px TFT LCD, 2 mpx camera, gpsOne, 1200 mAh battery

Read: Mobility Site » Blog Archive » HTC Iris S640 approved by FCC

I sort of doubt that this will be picked up by Sprint and Verizon (unless Sprint can't get its hands on the Motorola Q9M). But although HTC has sold unlocked GSM phones in the US, selling an unlocked CDMA phone is quite a bit more difficult - so perhaps I'm wrong about that.

Also - hey - can we stop including "gpsOne" in the spec lists? I only left it in above so I could gripe about it. GpsOne would be worth mentioning if we could actually do anything with it except get tracked by 911. It's not real GPS and that's ok, I suppose, but if I can use it for location based services, I don't really care.