T-Mobile's top device lately is the ho-hum T-Mobile Wing (read our review of the T-Mobile Wing). However, they look to come roaring back with the Juno in mid-October, according to the Boy Genius. Look for the sweet TouchFLO interface and a slide-out keyboard on the bottom (which, as BGR notes, looks like it's something more than a standard 9-key).

Screens that are flush with the face of the device are the hotness right now, so this Juno, or whatever it will be called eventually, looks to bring T-Mobile back in the game again. Or at least as "in the game" as you can be when your network doesn't have 3G data, even though we've been expecting them to start rolling it out any day now.

On the bright side for T-Mo, SlashGear is reporting that their data plans just got a nice little price cut to the tune of 10 bucks a month, now just $19.99.

While Juno is the codename, we haven’t got word of the official launch name yet. It’s a Windows Mobile based device and has a "consumer friendly interface, most likely HTC’s TouchFlo," says our source. He also goes on to tell us that it will have a QWERTY keyboard, but from the looks of things, is that SureType?

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